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Through our assistance SME businesses are able to increase revenue utilising our creative web design service, PPC advertising agency, social media management & SEO consultancy services.

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We offer bespoke web services that include our local and organic SEO agency (search engine optimisation), website design, PPC advertising (Google Ads) management, PR & marketing services as well as social media management across the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

Our team has expert knowledge of all aspects of organic & local Google search optimisation. Our knowledge extends to include Google Ads, tailored website design and optimisation, social media management and corporate PR.

We have over 20 years worth of experience in marketing and utilising a range of different techniques in order to raise SMEs business presence.

We know online marketing. To chat to us about your business - take action and contact us today.

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⇏ Affordable SEO services with tailored packages to suit all budgets

We are a London, UK based SEO company that specialise in improving small and medium sized business's online visibility. 

Search is our niche, results are what we deliver. Finding a reputable & reliable local SEO agency can come with it's challenges!

Being based in London, a highly competitive city, we are extremely knowledgeable of necessary techniques needed to dominate both organic & local SEO globally.

We are a SEO agency that is able to effectively increase online presence of a website whilst delivering outstanding levels of customer service and minimal 'fuss' to the client.

We work with a range of business that all have entirely different budgets, SEO should be bespoke to that business as each business is at a different stage of online presence.

Our SEO service will increase your lead volume through optimisation of your various dashboards, competition analysis and by means of other off-page techniques necessary in order to index effectively and generate a strong volume of inbound leads.

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⇏ Phenomenal Web Design & Development

Epic is an independent web design agency tailored to small and medium sized enterprises.

Our team utilise a strategic and creative blend of design and development in order to deliver an engaging user experience via outstanding UX and increased revenues through additional leads and conversions

Through our relentless commitment to web design, our clients see persistent value in our steadfast ability to add bearing to their revenues. Our specialised credentials allow our clients to consistently outperform competition their competitors.

At Epic, we know web design! If you are seeking a professional web design agency that are creative and that will support you with your branding or website design, take action and get in touch with our friendly team today.

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⇏ PPC (Paid Ads) Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management is the process of overseeing and managing a company's PPC ad spend. Epic oversees and manages your PPC strategy and campaigns allowing you to focus and maximize your ROI.

Our PPC management service can include: keyword analysis, channel targeting, competitive analysis, landing page creation and campaign monitoring.

Our PPC team will work closely with your paid ads on the various ad platforms you may be advertising on, examples of which could be Google, Bing and social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

Our PPC team will also work closely with our SEO team focussing on creating landing pages that keep leads engaged with your content.

PPC management is a cost effective way of increasing leads to your website without the costly overhead of staff to manage those campaigns. Talk to our friendly team to find out more on how we can effectively increase your company's revenues.

⇏ Social Media Account Management

Dedicating time every day to social media can be both time consuming and costly, however, more and more businesses are recognising the impact social media can have on their business. The biggest complaints we see from business owners is keeping a consistent and scheduled flow of posts or simply having no idea on what to post.

Social media raises your brands awareness, connects you with your potential and existing customers, legitimises your business and provides authority, keeps you competitive and helps boost additional sales - it's a 'no-brainer'!

Our social media team offer an affordable way to take the burden of social media management away from you allowing you to focus on building and retaining the new leads it provides. Our social media experts will personally carry out the postings, using sophisticated scheduling and other social media management software.

No matter whether you run a law firm, you’re a local plumber or own a restaurant, our team will successfully manage all your social media accounts. Speak with our friendly team today.

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We instructed Epic Web Agency to help us increase patient numbers.
The money we invested was very well spent. Epic managed to increase our patient numbers by x2.5. In short, Epic are highly skilled and knowledgeable experts when it comes to search engine optimisation. We won't hesitate to recommend their services. 

Sanderstead Osteopaths

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